Jun 19, 2008


some new shoes i painted. the elephants are for my sister, and the dead sailor is for my friends sister!
i am trying to start a business painting shoes so if you know anyone that wants some send them my way!



ReB said...

Wow! Those are rad!
I really like the pair with the dead sailor.
What kinda paint are you using on these?

Team Diana said...

I think you meant to say "the elephant shoes are for Diana."

I want a pair or painted shoes, and I'll pay good money for them. I MEAN THIS FOR REAL!

elise belknap said...

i love my shoes

Megg said...

I am totally interested in a pair. How much are you selling them for?

maggy said...

These look amazing!!! How wearable are these / is the paint durable? I'd love a pair as well, please post pricing!!