Nov 22, 2009

just a hellow

hey sorry i have abandoned you blog, i've just been so busy havent even drawn all that much really.

well i drew this up real fast just for you blog. just for youuuuu. with my touch pad mouse and everything, a real labor of love.

Jul 4, 2009

burning man

i am uploading this everywhere, sorry if you watch my everywhere.
something for monthies, and i like how it turned out. oh boy.

Jun 17, 2009

puppet designs for a friend

totally coincident that i am designing puppets after drawing muppets i swear!

Jun 15, 2009


he was my favorite. he isnt the same anymore though T_T

the odd couple

they need no introduction

ode to cookie monster

oh dearest cookie monster, how dost i love thee!
your blue fur soft as a ocean breeze

May 24, 2009

blogger wont let me post more than 5 images at a time. is that normal?

tegaki dump!

some old and new tegaki

May 17, 2009


Every day.

so this is my sketch group, up there where it says "everyday", for trying to draw something new each day. every month is a different theme. a bunch of cool people contribute.

May 1, 2009

barbarella psychedela

something i finished for my portfolio but then didnt put in because it didnt fit with the other art.
i couldnt think of any better background for barbarella than oil in water.

Apr 27, 2009

4rth year film!

huzzah! its done and over with!

lots of thanks to everyone!

Apr 5, 2009

scenes from my film!

putting together things for my review and exported these. thought i'd share

Mar 20, 2009

okay so i am teaching lisa to post on blog spot check out her blog.
the picture is something old.

Mar 9, 2009

film background

went to my dads for the weekend to get work done on my film. did this and the bathroom shot and also some owl shaped cookie jars check it out!

Feb 28, 2009

fake flyer

did this flyer lay out for a friends documentary about guerrilla gardening.
now i need to finish boarding my film! why is it taking so long?!

Feb 7, 2009

thought i'd try to keep up with this blog thing


trying a character turn guys have solutions for a side view? or is this one working?

Feb 2, 2009

been awhile!

here is what i did today
very rough beat boards for my film