Dec 1, 2007

week 12

okay so i have been busy but i have a few doodles for the blog. i did them on face book but i like them.

Nov 12, 2007


just some ladies for fun

Nov 7, 2007

week 8

character design assignment based off of tom oreb

Oct 30, 2007


missed a week, sorry about that guys. my wrist has been hurting. BUT I AM TRYING TO GET BACK INTO THE GROOVE OF DRAWING with the help of sexy ladies

Oct 18, 2007

week 5

arg, not drawing enough but here are some lines for a drawing i finished but dont like the colors i did

Oct 9, 2007

week 4

so how is it guys? its been awhile, i have done a few drawings but i like this one the most.

Oct 1, 2007

week 3.1

i am breaking the once a week upload a bit because i real like this one and am not waiting to scan the others.

Sep 26, 2007

week 2.2

more trolls. except the last one which is a boy and a horse designed off a sculpture the teacher had us do.


week 2.1

troll designs for character design class

Sep 18, 2007

week 1

right so here are a few paintings and doodles i have done during the week

welcome! come in! sit down! have something to eat!

so there is a first time for everything and this is a first for me. making this blog because i want a more professional place to post things besides deviant art. hopefully my doodles and drawings and things will entertain all who stumble upon them. toodles for now! more posts to come.